Best places to live in Italy: 2023 Quality of Life survey

Rome jumps from 53rd to 33rd place.

There was good news for the north Italian province of Bolzano in this year’s Quality of Life in Italy report, conducted by ItaliaOggi in collaboration with La Sapienza University of Rome.

The 25th edition of the annual survey puts Bolzano at the top of the rankings, knocking Trento off the first position from last year and into fourth place in 2023.

In second place on the Quality of Life list is Milan, up from fifth place last year and replacing Bolzano, while Bologna retains its position in third place.

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After Trento comes Florence in fifth place, Padua (6), Parma (7), Monza and Brianza (8), Aosta (9) and Pordenone (10).

The annual quality of life ranking sees Rome leap from 53rd place last year to 33rd this year.

Turin also jumped from 54th place in 2022 to 31st place this year.

At the bottom of the list of 107 provinces surveyed is Crotone, in the southern Calabria region, followed by Caltanissetta (106) and Messina (105), with Naples  in 99th place.

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The report once again identifies a divide between the north, where quality of life is generally rated better, and the south and islands, which continue to occupy the lower end of the list.

The index measures a province’s quality of life by taking account of indicators reflecting public services, health and the environment, demographics, leisure time, law and order, standard of living and business and employment.

Photo Bolzano – Shutterstock