There’s Still Tomorrow: Paola Cortellesi film is smash hit in Italian cinemas

Cortellesi movie scores record-breaking numbers at Italy’s box office.

C’è ancora domani, the directorial debut of Rome actress Paola Cortellesi, has become the highest-grossing Italian film in Italy’s cinemas since the start of the covid pandemic.

The black and white movie, whose title in English is There’s Still Tomorrow, premiered last month at the Rome Film Festival where it won three prizes including the audience award.

Since its release in Italian cinemas three weeks ago, the film has been seen by more than by 1.8 million people, taking in almost €13 million at the box office.

C’è ancora domani, photo Claudio Iannone.

The neorealist-style movie follows the domestic struggles of an abused housewife in post-war Rome, confronting issues related to patriarchy and women’s empowerment.

Cortellesi, 49, stars as Delia who suffers abuse from her violent, controlling husband Ivano (Valerio Mastandrea) as she cares for their three children and her bed-ridden father-in-law.

Delia hopes for a better future for her daughter Marcella (Romana Maggiora Vergano) who becomes engaged to the middle-class Giulio (Francesco Centorame).

However all is not as it seems and everything changes with the arrival of a mysterious letter.

Cover image: C’è ancora domani, photo Claudio Iannone.