Italy faces taxi strike on Tuesday 10 October

Taxi strike on Tuesday follows public transport strike on Monday.

Taxi drivers in Italy are to stage a 24-hour strike on Tuesday 10 October in protest over a government decree that paves the way for an increase in new taxi licences.

The measures included in the so-called Asset decree are designed to address a shortage in taxis – a problem that came to a head during the busy summer season – allowing city authorities to issue up to 20 per cent more licences to cope with demand.

The move comes amid a surge of tourism in Italy and ahead of major upcoming events including the Jubilee 2025 in Rome and the Milan-Cortina Winter Olympics in 2026.

However the Usb, Orsa and Fast Cofsal trade unions representing cab drivers, a powerful lobby in Italy, are against the prospect of additional taxi licenses being issued.

The minister for Business and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso on Monday described the planned strike as “hard to comprehend”, adding that he hoped taxi drivers would “come to their senses”.

Tuesday’s strike comes the day after a nationwide industrial dispute grounded local public transport services in cities around Italy.