Ryder Cup: Rome shuts Metro B1 subway for four days

City increases service on Metro B line.

Rome’s Metro B1 subway will be shut from 28 September until 1 October as the city increases the frequency of trains on the Metro B line to cope with crowds during the Ryder Cup.

The Metro B1 line, an offshoot of Metro B, serves four stations from Piazza Bologna to Jonio in the north-east of the capital.

For the duration of the four-day subway closure, which the city says is to carry out urgent work on lighting systems and overhead lines, the B1 route will be served by shuttle buses.

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Meanwhile trains will run every five minutes on the Metro B to cope with crowds travelling to the Ryder Cup, taking place at the Marco Simone golf course in Guidonia Montecelio, north-east of Rome.

The city is providing shuttle bus services between Metro B station Ponte Mammolo and the prestigious golfing event which comes to Italy for the first time in its almost 100-year history.

For the duration of the Ryder Cup, Rome’s taxi service will also be extended to include Guidonia Montecelio following an agreement between the capital and local authorities.