Discover Italy’s hidden historic homes and gardens

Free visits to Italy’s castles, villas and gardens on 21 May.

Italy sees the return of the National Day of the Italian Historic Houses Association (ADSI), now in its 13th edition, on Sunday 21 May.
More than 500 castles, fortresses, villas, parks, gardens across Italy – many of them usually inaccessible to the public – will open their doors for free as part of the Giornata Nazionale dell’Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane.
The ADSI describes the initiative as Italy’s biggest museo diffuso, meaning a “spread out” museum, and hailed it as an opportunity “to rediscover the hidden beauty of our country”.
The association has also paid tribute to the owners of the private properties along with the gardeners, artisans and restorers who are crucial in maintaining the valuable heritage sites.
The ADSI website lists the tours available under regions, which in turn are subdivided into provinces and cities, along with opening times and visiting details.
The non-profit organisation ADSI was founded in 1977 to help in the conservation, development and management of historic homes and to raise public awareness of Italy’s cultural heritage.
Cover image Palazzo Caetani, Rome. Photo ADSI