Italy footballer Ciro Immobile in Rome tram crash

Lazio captain unharmed in Rome crash.

Italian footballer Ciro Immobile, the captain of Serie A club Lazio, was involved in a traffic accident in Rome on Sunday morning when his car collided with a tram.

Immobile, 33, was unharmed in the crash which occurred in Piazza delle Cinque Giornate, on the Prati side of Ponte Matteotti, at around 08.30.

The footballer, who plays for the Italian national team, was travelling with his two daughters who were also unharmed in the incident, according to Italian news reports.

Several tram passengers were taken to hospital with non-serious injuries.

In a Facebook live broadcast by AGTW shortly after the crash, Immobile claimed that “the tram went through a red light”.

The impact destroyed the front of the player’s Land Rover Defender, activating the airbags, and the number 19 tram was derailed. 

Traffic police are investigating the dynamics of the crash which reportedly may have been related to faulty synchronisation of the traffic lights system at the junction.