Rome launches Tap&Go contactless ticketing on buses and trams

Rome subways already have Tap&Go system.

Rome commuters will soon be able to avail of contactless ticketing on the city’s entire transport network thanks to “Tap&Go”.

The cashless system, which allows passengers to pay for tickets with credit, debit and prepaid cards, was launched on Rome’s 51 bus on a trial basis a few months ago.

It is now being extended to all buses and trams operated by Rome transport company ATAC by the end of the year, in collaboration with Mastercard.

The capital’s transport councillor Eugenio Patané has hailed the system as accessible and efficient and said it will go some way to combating fare evasion on Rome buses.

“Before you had to go around the city, to newsstands and tobacconists, to look for tickets” – said Patané – “From now on you can get on the bus and pay with your mobile phone and your credit card.”

Since its launch on Rome’s underground system in 2019 more than 11 million tickets have been purchased through Tap&Go which in October accounted for 23 per cent of metro ticket transactions.

For full details see city website.