In Rome, Russell Crowe ‘feels like everybody’s uncle’

Gladiator star pays homage to Rome and Romans.

Russell Crowe says he “feels like everybody’s uncle” when in Rome, a city he is inexorably linked with ever since he played the Oscar-winning role of Maximus Decimus Meridius in Ridley Scott’s smash-hit movie Gladiator in 2000.

“The way people treat me in this city humbles me every time I come here” – Crowe said in an interview with Fanpage ahead of the release of his new film Poker Face in Italian cinemas on 24 November – “People are so kind and generous and they have such a great sense of humour… it’s beautiful, I feel like everybody’s uncle.”

  • Rome honours Russell Crowe as ambassador of Eternal City

Crowe was honoured recently as ‘Rome’s ambassador in the world’ in recognition of the special bond that ties the Gladiator star to the Eternal City.

During his visit to city hall to receive the award, Crowe said he told the mayor: “I connect to the city via a piece of fiction… but that piece of fiction in reality opened people’s eyes and hearts back to the truth and magnificence of the city of Rome.”

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As for the official recognition from the city, Crowe told Fanpage that it was a case of being awarded “for doing something that I would naturally do, because it’s a natural love affair.”

“I’m not going to stop talking to people about how they have to come to this city, how they have to experience it” – Crowe concludes – “and hopefully I will continue to keep visiting myself.”

Photo La Repubblica