Covid: Italy to let No Vax health workers go back to work

Italy set to drop daily covid bulletin and allow return of unvaccinated medical staff.

The Italian government is set to approve measures allowing for the re-integration of “No Vax” doctors and nurses currently suspended because they refused to get vaccinated against covid.

Under the measures, announced on Friday by Italy’s new health minister Orazio Schillaci, suspended medical workers would be able to return to work before their suspension expires at the end of this year.

The move, which comes six months after Italy exited the covid state of emergency, is being taken “in light of the worrying shortage of medical and health personnel” and “considering the trend of covid infections”, according to a statement on the ministry website.

In addition, fines imposed on those who failed to comply with compulsory vaccinations would be cancelled, as part of a “gradual return to normality”.

The health ministry is also set to replace the daily bulletin of covid cases, deaths and hospitalisations with a weekly update, however it said it would make the data available at any time to relevant authorities.

A former rector of Rome’s Tor Vergata University, Schillaci joined Giorgia Meloni’s cabinet to replace Roberto Speranza who served as health minister throughout the covid pandemic, under the administrations of both Conte and Draghi.

Photo Adnkronos