Covid: Italy set to drop mask obligation on public transport

Mask obligation ends on 30 September and an extension of the rule is seen as unlikely.

Italy’s obligation to wear masks on board public transport expires on Friday 30 September and – barring a last-minute move – is not expected to be extended.
It is considered unlikely that the outgoing government of Mario Draghi will extend the mask-wearing obligation during its final days in office, leaving covid-related decisions to the new administration after the general election on Sunday.
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The dropping of the mask requirement for commuters on buses, trains, subways, trams and ferries (but not planes), would leave only a handful of covid restrictions remaining in place.
Italy’s health undersecretary Andrea Costa said recently that he was in favour of dropping masks on public transport.
Over the course of a week in early September police in Italy handed out a total of €81,000 in fines to commuters caught without masks on public transport, as part of a nationwide blitz.
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Despite the regulations in place, it is increasingly common in Rome to see commuters – both Italian residents and tourists – without masks on the metro and buses.
Masks must continue to be worn, until the end of this year in Italy’s hospitals, care homes and healthcare facilities.
For official information about the covid-19 situation in Italy see health ministry website