Italy’s Lazio region traps 30,000 plastic bottles floating in rivers

Lazio region stops over 10 tons of trash from reaching the sea.

Italy’s central Lazio region around Rome has fished out more than 10 tons of rubbish from its rivers thanks to a series of garbage-catching barriers, the region’s governor Nicola Zingaretti announced.

The trash traps – designed to collect plastic and other rubbish dumped in rivers before it reaches the sea – were installed in recent years on the Aniene, Tevere and Gargliano.

  • Anti-plastic barrier on Rome’s river Tiber

“More than 30,000 bottles have been recovered” – Zingaretti said on Instagram on Monday – “as well as about 1.5 tons comprising fuel canisters, tyres, refrigerators, gas cylinders, water heaters, helmets, mattresses, ping pong tables, washing machines.”

The rubbish-catching devices intercept floating trash, accumulating it before it is collected by boat and then recycled into street furniture.

  • Rome: success for plastic-catcher in river Tiber

The barrier system operates based on the varying buoyancy of materials, catching man-made waste but allowing natural debris, such as wood or reeds, to continue on its journey towards the sea.

Earlier this month firefighters in Rome found a dead cow floating in the river Tiber inside a jute sack after passersby reported a nauseating smell near the Duca d’Aosta bridge.

Photo Cristiana Avenali – Facebook