Rome opens Baths of Caracalla at night

Visit the Baths of Caracalla by the light of the moon.

Rome’s majestic Baths of Caracalla will open to visitors on five evenings this month: on 9, 15, 18, 22 and 29 September.

The guided tours, organised by the special superintendence of Rome, will include areas of the baths complex normally inaccessible to the public, as well as monumental art works by contemporary Italian artist Giuseppe Penone.

In addition to taking visitors to underground levels and the Mithraeum, the tour itinerary will include the reconstructed ancient home or domus with second-century frescoes devoted to Roman and Egyptian deities, which opened to the public this summer.

  • Rome’s Baths of Caracalla opens domus where the gods lived together

“Every year the Baths of Caracalla with the evening openings reveal themselves in their beauty as one of the symbolic places of the capital” – said Daniela Porro, special superintendent of Rome – “the Baths will open the doors of their treasures with a tour that offers many novelties and surprises”.On the five special openings the Baths complex will stay open from 20.00 to 23.00, with tours leaving every 15 minutes from 20.15 to 21.45.

Reservations are required, with a maximum of 30 people per visit, and can be booked on the same day. Group visits can be requested up to one day in advance.

For full details see the websites of Soprintendenza Speciale Roma or CoopCulture.