Italy to offer public transport bonus for commuters

How will Italy’s new public transport voucher work?

Italy’s outgoing government has approved a public transport voucher, valued at up to €60, for students, workers and pensioners with an income of less than €35,000.

Under the scheme, which comes into effect in September, commuters can purchase season passes for local transport (bus, tram, metro) as well as non-urban coaches and regional and national rail transport (second class only).

The one-off payment, with a maximum limit of €60, is part of a €79 million package to address rising costs of living and is also designed to encourage greater use of public transport.

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The e-voucher must be requested online by the end of this year, by accessing the website (to be launched in the coming weeks), using the SPID digital identity system or with an electronic identity card.

The voucher issued through the website is non-transferable and can only be used with a transport company, within the month of issue, by presenting it at the ticket office.

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Italy’s labour minister Andrea Orlando described the measure as “a concrete support for students, workers, retirees, for all those citizens who use public transport, on road and rail”, adding that there are plans to continue the scheme next year.

For more details see the ministry for labour and social policies website. Photo credit: ste77 /