Climate activists glue hands to Botticelli masterpiece in Italy

No damage caused to Renaissance painting.

Climate protesters glued themselves to Botticelli’s celebrated Primavera painting at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence on Friday morning in front of shocked tourists, Italian media reports.

The ‘Ultima Generazione’ activists glued their hands to the work which was painted by the Italian Renaissance painter in the late 15th century and is considered among the most popular paintings in Western art.

The pair, with the aid of a third activist, then unfurled a banner that read “Ultima Generazione No Gas No Carbone” as they protested against the climate crisis.

The Uffizi confirmed that there was no damage caused to the masterpiece, thanks to the glass that protects the work, reports Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

All three activists were removed from the gallery and face charges of interrupting a public service, resisting a public official, staging an unauthorised demonstration and defacing property, reports La Repubblica.

The incident at the Uffizi follows a recent case at the National Gallery in London where protesters from Just Stop Oil (JSO) attached their own “apocalyptic vision of the future” to Constable’s masterpiece Hay Wain before glueing themselves to its frame.

Ultima Generazione said on Friday that they intend to carry out further protests soon in museums in Florence, Venice, Milan and Rome, reports news agency ANSA.