Italy faces taxi strike on 20-21 July amid protests against Uber

Taxi drivers call off Rome protests.

Italy faces a two-day nationwide taxi strike on 20-21 July as cab drivers protest against the government’s competition bill amid claims that deregulating the sector would lead to the expansion of ride-hailing operators such as Uber.

News of the strike, announced by trade unions representing taxi drivers, comes after several days of wildcat strikes and protests by tassisti on Rome’s central Via del Corso, near the seat of government at Palazzo Chigi.

The demonstrations were called off on Thursday evening after prime minister Mario Draghi offered his resignation to President Mattarella (who rejected it), as taxi union leaders suspended talks with government officials.

In a statement, the unions thanked taxi drivers for supporting the protests and also paid tribute to police for their “understanding” and for “managing difficult days in a commendable way”, reports state broadcaster RAI News.

Italy’s taxi unions are firmly against the government’s plans to liberalise their sector, claiming that deregulation would favour multinationals over independent drivers.

The strike on 20-21 July comes after Italian taxi drivers held another two-day strike on 5-6 July.

Those travelling to and from airports in Italy next Wednesday and Thursday are advised to take trains or buses.

Photo Corriere della Sera