Where to find Blue Flag beaches near Rome in 2022

How to reach Bandiera Blu beaches in Lazio region by public transport from Rome.

10 beaches in the Lazio region around Rome have been awarded the Bandiera Blu or Blue flag status for high water quality standards ahead of the 2022 summer season.

This coveted recognition comes from the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) which assigns the blue flags to beaches with “excellent” water quality.

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The number of Blue Flag beaches in the Lazio region is down from 11 last year after Ventotene failed to make the 2022 list.

Where to find Bandiera Blu beaches in Lazio in 2022 and how to get there by public transport from Rome.

AnzioTor Caldara, Riviera di Ponente, Riviera di Levante, Lido Di Lavinio. Trains leave regularly from Termini station. The journey takes an hour followed by a 10-minute walk to the beach.

LatinaLatina Mare. Latina is connected to Rome by frequent trains whose journey time is about 40 minutes, then take a bus to the beach from the train station.

SabaudiaLungomare. Cotral buses run from Rome’s Laurentina metro stop (line B) to Piazza Oberdan in Sabaudia. From here take the shuttle bus which runs up and down the local coastline.

S. Felice Circeocoast. Cotral buses leave for Circeo from the Laurentina metro station in Rome. Get off at the last stop and walk for ten minutes until you reach the beach.

Terracina Levante, Ponente. From Termini take the hourly regional train for Naples and get off at Monte S. Biagio. From there, take the bus for about 20 minutes until you reach the beach.

SperlongaLago Lungo, Bazzano, Ponente, Levante. Take the regional train headed to Naples from Termini and get off at Fondi-Sperlonga. Once there, take the Piazzoli bus for 20 minutes to Sperlonga, alternatively there are private taxi but they are far more expensive than the €1.50 bus ticket.

GaetaArenauta, Ariana, S. Agostino, Serapo. From Termini take one of the frequent trains headed towards Naples, get off at Formia and take the bus for another 25 minutes until you reach Gaeta.

Trevignano Romano Via della Rena on Lake Bracciano. From Valle Aurelia station take the train to Anguillara, about a 40-minute journey, then take a Cotral bus to Trevignano, about half an hour.

FondiSpiaggia Levante (S. Anastasia – Capratica), Spiaggia Ponente (Torre Canneto – Rio Claro). From Termini take a train headed towards Naples and get off at the Fondi stop.

MinturnoSpiaggia di ponente. From Termini take a train headed south towards Naples and get off at Minturno.

In addition to water quality, FEE takes into consideration the beach’s waste management and recycling systems, the extent of its pedestrian and bicycle paths and green areas, and the presence of lifeguards.

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A total of 427 beaches across Italy were awarded blue flags in 2022, up from 416 last year and just 215 around a decade ago.

To see the full list of the 2022 Bandiera Blu beaches in Italy see the FEE website.