Italy marks Earth Day 2022

‘Invest in Our Planet’ is theme of this year’s Earth Day.

Events to mark Earth Day, an annual event to raise awareness about our natural environment and how to conserve it, are being held in Rome and across Italy on Friday 22 April.

First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day serves as a reminder to protect the environment, restore damaged ecosystems and live a more sustainable life.

Now in its 52nd edition, the theme of this year’s Earth Day is ‘Invest in Our Planet’, with events organised in countries around the world, including Italy where the day is called Giornata Mondiale della Terra.

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Rome is hosting a day-long multimedia marathon called #OnePeopleOnePlanet at the Nuvola with guests including Italy’s ecological transition minister Roberto Cingolani and culminating with the streamed Concerto per la Terra with pianist Giovanni Allevi.

The Rome-based voluntary association Retake Roma, which has spent more than a decade cleaning up the capital, holds its first nationwide event on Friday by organising clean-ups of river banks and parks, as well as the planting of trees, in 21 cities across Italy.

For details of enviornmental-themed events taking place in Italy on 22 April see Earth Day Italia website.