Rome street art highlights violence against women in Italy

One woman killed every three days in Italy.

“Every Three Days” is the title of a powerful piece of street art that appeared in the centre of Rome on the eve of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The hard-hitting image, by Roman street artist Laika, features a pair of red shoes – the symbol of femicide and violence against women.

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One of the shoes contains the message “Una Ogni Tre Giorni” a reference to the number of women killed in Italy so far this year: 109 or the equivalent of one every three days.

Street art by Laika on Via del Conservatorio

The other shoe, dripping with blood, features a woman weeping.

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Laika, who hides her identity behind a mask, dismissed the “usual ritual words” uttered by politicians each year on 25 November.

“The truth is that, as women, we should not expect help from anyone but our sisters” – she said – “We will be stronger than acid, your knives, your fists, your insults”.