Rome ballot boxes dumped at street bins after elections

Rome residents voted for new mayor and city councillors in local elections.

The unexpected sight of ballot boxes dumped beside bins along the side of the street has been documented by Italian news agency ANSA.
The photographs of the rain-soaked boxes, stacked up among other trash, were taken on Wednesday on the pavement on Via Assisi, in the Tuscolano district, following local elections earlier this week.
Photo ANSA / Claudio Peri
ANSA reports that the voting boxes, marked Ministero dell’Interno, contained documents with lists of candidates and other electoral material.
The election resulted in a run-off between the centre-right Enrico Michetti and the centre-left Roberto Gualtieri, with the incumbent mayor Virginia Raggi failing to get re-elected.
The Rome city council candidate who topped the polls was Rachele Mussolini, granddaughter of Italy’s Fascist dictator.
Photos ANSA / Claudio Peri