Afghan refugee gives birth in Rome after airlift to Italy

Baby born in Rome hospital to woman who fled Kabul with Italy’s help.

An Afghan woman who was airlifted out of Kabul by Italy two weeks ago has given birth to a baby girl in Rome.
The news was announced by the Lazio region president Nicola Zingaretti with a post on Twitter on Wednesday night.
“Good news from San Filippo Neri. The first baby of an Afghan citizen who fled Kabul was born” – Zingaretti wrote – “Welcome Ghazal! Your name means say Poetry, we need it!”
  • Italy continues to welcome Afghan refugees to Rome
“Although we see many difficult situations in the clinic, this is an experience that changes your life” – consultant gynaecologist Laura Anelli told news agency ANSA – “The first time I saw her she had sad eyes, a lost gaze. Then things improved. We tried to provide all the necessary assistance and to make her feel welcomed.”