Rome police defuse bomb in city official’s car

Device found in the car of official in charge of Rome’s parks.

Rome’s bomb squad defused a homemade incendiary device found in the car of Marco Andrea Doria, a city official in charge of restoring the capital’s parks and historic villas, on the evening of 16 June.

Doria, who has been the subject of intimidation in the past, reported the tampering of his vehicle to police who sealed off two streets in the Prati district, not far from the Olympic Stadium ahead of the Italy-Switzerland Euro 2020 match.

The vehicle, a Smart, was parked in Via Tito Speri, near Piazza Mazzini. Local media described the device as an aerosol filled with gunpowder and bolts connected with wires to the car’s windscreen wipers.

Rome mayor Virginia Raggi has expressed her full solidarity with Doria, condemning the incident as a “grave act.”

Authorities have refused to speculate on the motive; however, it is believed that the intimidation relates to Doria’s moves against illegal squatting in historic buildings and damage to statues and fountains in Villa Pamphilj.

Doria, a noble Doria Pamphilj dynasty member, was appointed to his municipal role by Raggi in 2018.

Previous acts of intimidation against Doria include bullets left on his car and punctured tires, with his enemies stooping to kill his dog Diablo by feeding the animal a wrestle stuffed full of nails.

“He died in my arms,” a distraught Doria told Italian newspaper La Repubblica, adding: “They have put me in their sights, and they continue to raise the level. Now I am beginning to be afraid.”

A police investigation is underway amid reports that authorities will evaluate Doria’s security detail following the foiled attack.

Photo: Tgcom24-Mediaset.