Sinkhole swallows cars on Rome street

Nobody was injured in the incident in Rome’s Torpignattara suburb.

Two cars ended up inside a large chasm after part of a street collapsed in the Torpignattara suburb of Rome.

There was nobody injured in the incident at around 10.30 on 25 May, reports Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

The street affected is Via Zenodossio, between Via Dulceri and Via Casilina, involving an area of road and pavement measuring about 20 meters long and four meters wide. According to La Repubblica, the reason for the collapse is believed to be a significant water leak in a garage below the street.

According to the Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, it is far from the first time that such an event has occurred in Rome, with the city experiencing a sharp rise in the number of sinkholes in recent years,

ISPRA says the leading cause of the collapses is Rome’s underground tunnels, sewers, and ancient quarries, resulting in a maze extending hundreds of kilometers under the city, with the location of many cavities either unmapped or unknown.

Cover photo Tersigni/F3PRESS