Rome’s Circus Maximus comes to life with virtual reality

Circo Maximo Experience offers 3D tours in six languages.

The Circo Maximo Experience reopens from 29 April until 31 July, offering visitors the chance to “relive the ancient splendors of the Circus Maximus in the Imperial period of Rome through augmented and virtual reality.”

Modern-day visitors can experience the roars of the crowd at the chariot races that once packed the 600-m long venue or mingle among the Roman market sellers and marvel at the Arch of Titus in its original 20-m height.

The ground-breaking project, which boasts interactive display technology never before used in such an extended outdoor area, charts the history of the age-old Valle de Murcia in seven historical stages.

Overlapping images of the past to the present-day reality, the 40-minute walking itinerary is available in six languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Russian), with visitors equipped with immersive glasses and earphones.

The eight steps include the valley floor of the Circus Maximus during the Archaic Period, from the first century BC to the first century AD, the Imperial period, the tiered seating arena (cavea), the Arch of Titus, the shops (tabernae), the Circus Maximus in the Middle Ages and in modern times and lastly, “A Day at the Circus.”

Entry to the 3-D project, which follows similar initiatives at the Baths of Caracalla, Ara Pacis, and the Domus Aurea, is at the Viale Aventino end of the Circus Maximus.

The Circo Maximo Experience tour, which is not available if raining, costs €12.

For full visiting details, see the Circo Maximo Experience website.