Rome opens it’s first ‘All You Can Eat’ restaurant with Roman cuisine

Rome responds to the ‘all you can eat’ phenomenon with an all-Roman version.

After the boom in ‘all you can eat Asian restaurants comes a new Rome restaurant offering unlimited Roman cuisine for a fixed price.

With the name Senza Fondo (which translates as ‘Bottomless’), the city-center restaurant will offer limitless ‘Cucina Tipica Romana‘ – for both lunch and dinner – after it opens on 30 April.

The lunch option will cost €19.50, while after 18.00 and on Sundays / holidays the price rises to €22.50, reports Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

For this price diners can feast to their heart’s content on Roman specialities such as rigatoni all’amatriciana or alla carbonara, tagliolini alla gricia or cacio e pepe, or penne all’arrabbiata.

There is also no shortage of bruschette, supplì, fiori di zucca, filetti di baccalà, Roman-style thin crust pizza, saltimbocca alla romana, tripe and polpette al sugo.

On Via Teatro della Pace 44, the restaurant promises an informal atmosphere with old-fashioned “home cooking” based on family recipes, reports La Repubblica.

“We wanted to celebrate Roman cuisine in a fun format, with real, authentic and limitless dishes” – say founders Diana Russo and Luciano Rufino – “And what better place for a Roman ‘all you can eat than a stone’s throw from Piazza Navona?”

Photo RomaToday