NCC, Italian Private Drivers: “Stop with privileges, tax meter for taxi drivers and not only”

Same law, different tax treatment for NCCs and taxis

On the one hand, strict controls, on the other large sweaters. This is the denunciation of Action NCC, which represents small and micro-enterprises active in the transport service with driver, commenting on the draft implementing decrees on the service sheet and the electronic register provided by the Government.

We assume that you want to provide the same documentation, therefore the service sheet also for taxis as required for Ncc – says Giorgio Dell’Artino, president of Action Ncc – The implementing decrees, in fact, foresee that both Ncc and taxis can acquire services through the technological platforms, consequently for the demonstration of the regularity of the service it becomes necessary and urgent a greater definition of the norm in this.

Action NCC also requests that taxis be provided for taxis (a tool in force for years in much less rigid countries than Italy) which issues a valid receipt for tax control purposes and aims at protecting users by indicating the date, the time of issue, the license number, the VAT number, the shift, the rate applied, the mileage made during the service, the payment method.

Taxi drivers complain all the time, but they are very privileged.

“Taxi drivers complain about late government refreshments, but they forget that they are a category that can count on different privileges, unlike others that are under the same law. For example, it is the only one that does not yet have a tax validation tool – declares Dell’Artino – Furthermore, taxi licenses, especially in the square of Florence, are sold for hundreds of thousands of euros. In contrast, many taxi drivers declare collections for only 24 thousand euros gross a year. We cannot avoid thinking that something anomalous must exist: which credit institution would, in fact, provide mortgages or loans of this size to face an investment in an activity that would produce much less than the value necessary for the disbursement? While the NCC companies in this period are subjected to a category assessment by the Revenue Agency of Florence and many are under the procedure for the years 2015/2016, even though since March this year they are zero collection, some taxi drivers declare negligible figures as income, but which are not contested by the Revenue Agency “.

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