Alice Pasquini Roma

Covid-19: Rome street art gives thanks to doctors

Alice Pasquini paints a mural project at Rome’s Gemelli hospital.

Rome street artist Alice Pasquini has created two new murals on the Gemelli hospital’s grounds in the capital.
Pasquini’s murals are part of the “Diciamo insieme Grazie” (Let’s say thank you together) project, promoted by the Lazio region.
Photos Alice Pasquini
The initiative involved street artists from all over Italy being commissioned to decorate 12 medical facilities in Lazio with images giving thanks to healthcare workers for their efforts to fight against covid-19.
Pasquini’s work consists of two walls which, as the artist explains, “are separated, at a safe distance, but communicate with each other thanks to the gesture of a little girl who gives a flower to a resting doctor.”
Photo Alice Pasquini