Italy: Lamborghini Police car used to transport kidney in record time

Lamborghini Police car drove at 230 km an hour from northern Italy to Rome on a life-saving mission.

Italy’s state police drove a specially-equipped Lamborghini Huracan from Padua to Rome to transport a kidney to a patient in the capital’s Gemelli hospital.
The life-saving mission saw the police driving in the fast line from the northern Veneto region, with sirens blaring and lights flashing all the way to Rome, reaching speeds of up to 230 km an hour.
The officers, who covered 490 km in just over three hours, made the journey in record time, delivering the kidney safely to the hospital where doctors were on standby to proceed with the urgent surgery on 20 October.
The usual journey time, in a regular car, is four hours and 40 minutes.
The 600-horsepower racing car is modified especially to carry out life-saving activities, with its front trunk containing refrigerated equipment for transporting organs and a defibrillator for emergency rescue.