Rome opens Temple of Minerva Medica this weekend

Free guided tours of rarely-opened landmark in Rome.

Rome opens the Temple of Minerva Medica for guided tours this weekend, 17-18 October, as part of a series of special openings involving some of the capital’s most evocative archaeological sites.
Organised by Rome’s superintendency, directed by Daniela Porro, the guided tours are free but subject to availability. Reservations and adherence to anti-covid measures are mandatory to participate in the visits to the majestic monument which is not normally accessible to the public.
Located between the railway tracks and the tram line on Via Giolitti, the structure was once part of the Horti Liciniani on the Esquiline Hill. The building is in fact a nymphaeum and dates to the fourth century.
Its design represents an exceptional example of late imperial architecture, a sort of transition between the octagonal dining room of the Domus Aurea and the dome of the Pantheon, incorporating also architectural elements of nearby Byzantine churches.
The building is characterised by very high walls – 33 metres – with a diameter of about 25 metres. Much of the dome collapsed in 1828 after years of material being pillaged from the structure.
Visiting information
The four guided tours each day will be held from 09.30 to 13.30, at a distance of one hour from each other, for a maximum of 20 participants per time-slot to ensure social distancing. Masks will be obligatory and visitors’ temperatures will be checked on arrival. For details contact